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At DUCENTA SQUARED, we understand that the global landscape offers opportunities not only to invest but also to establish future relationships between all our stakeholders.  Our years of experience have taught us to always make your organization's interests our priority.



The Ducenta Squared Asset Management platform builds upon more than 30 years of track record in fixed income investing. We seek to provide investors stable long-term returns and generate strong and consistent excess returns against the benchmark by actively managing the drivers of performance - sector/industry rotation, credit selection and duration/yield curve.


Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is rooted in fundamental credit analysis, a strong risk management framework and a culture of collaboration.  Our emphasis on liquidity enables us to position portfolios in anticipation of market cycles, thereby capturing investment opportunities throughout its various stages. Our disciplined risk control with an emphasis on downside protection has helped produce sound performance through cycles.


Investment Process

Our top-down, bottom-up, repeatable investment process has been refined over and over throughout decades of direct investment experience across multiple market and economic cycles. The Investment Policy and Strategy Committee drives the top-down process by setting portfolio parameters based on macroeconomic fundamentals, relative value assessments, and supply and demand technicals. Portfolio managers develop industry strategy, targeting relative value opportunities and collaborating with our research analysts who provide bottom-up fundamental analysis.  The analysts provide detailed credit analysis focusing on a company’s business model, financials, management team, and corporate structure.